Quality Control

Nylon chip

Including raw material testing, ingredients testing, casual inspection during the production process.
Quantity index of Chips:relative viscosity(N.s/m2),moisture(ppm), amino(mmol/kg),TiO2 (%),oxidation(%).

Nylon yarn

Filtering is to remove the tail of the yarn surface.
Appearance inspection, a preliminary screening of the yarn of the balance room to check whether the label information is in accordance with the yarn.
Testing items: fuzziness, coil, knock over, color, scratch, oil, molding, weight, paper tube.
Physical inspection
Test items: Denier, breaking strength, elongation, yarn irregularity, OPU%, BWS%,network, coefficient of variation(CV%)
Uster testing (Testing machine: Uster Tester 5-C800)


For spandex, we have appearance inspection and laboratory inspection. Appearance inspection the same to those testing steps of naylon mentioned above. The scope of laboratory test is as follows:

Static tensile properties Dynamic elongation
Pre-tension denier
DMIC Chlorine resistance
Cross-section tress
adhesion Oil content
Stability in dry and damp BWS

Appearance inspection


Denier testing


ster Tester 5-C800


Woven socks