Social Responsibility

Development of Public Welfare Industry

As a member of the China development foundation, BBS, since 2016 Highsun foundation began to take on more responsibility in the industry, with the power of the enterprise leading Fujian foundation actively participate in the development of foundation and public welfare undertakings in China. In the public personnel training, organization construction, and other fields, Highsun have cooperated with many foundations to support many projects in the province and even in the whole country to promote the development of public welfare industry and promote the positive energy of social public welfare.


Targeted Poverty Alleviation

In order to win the battle against poverty and help the country complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, Highsun Foundation gives full play to its advantages, actively participates in targeted poverty alleviation, and makes donations for public welfare, which are used to stabilize poverty alleviation, strengthen village collective economy and help the disadvantaged groups in society.


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